My Trip To Korea

“Both the belief that a painful past will repeat itself and the belief that good things will come, regardless of what has happened, require faith. But the former imprisons us in our control mechanisms while the latter sets us free.”

I know there’s many of you who have not yet fully processed your traumatic past experiences, many of you who do not have a clue on how to go about doing that. The purpose of this video is to encourage others to do just that and provide an example that you can try out for yourself. This video is not about proving the existence of God. It is about the power of building a pattern of thinking positively, however that may look like for you.

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4 thoughts on “My Trip To Korea

  1. Leo says:

    I´m sorry, but as OCPD might seem as a gift to who proposed this, I think that other than helping achieving goals in an orderly fashion, makes the person who has this DISEASE miserable, and even more their companion/spouse/family most of the time.
    I´m not a psychologist, and this is a cliche for sure, but it is said that the first thing to do when having a problem, in this case a psychological one, is acknowledging it.
    I haven´t read this blog, won´t judge its content without knowing what´s in it,but the title reflects some part of the OCPD trait that represents a problem, at least for the people that surround the individual affected, which is denying there is a problem. I´m sorry, I know (for everyone affected with this problem) you didn´t chose between having this problem or not having it, but let´s face it, it is a disease, and a very hard one deal with as a patient and as a partner or else.
    Of course I understand that having this disease includes being selfish, that´s why having OCPD might seem as a gift to you, but believe me (I don´t expect understanding me), this causes real confussion, anger, tiredness,and so on with the people that have a relationship with someone having this problem.

    • Daniel Kim says:

      Perhaps reading the subtitle just below the title (“Restoring the Gift that Lies Beneath OCPD”) might have saved your time. You appear to be a pro on this condition. Best of luck to you as you educate many others on this oh so terrible disease.

  2. Joanna says:

    Thank you for sharing your story – you remind me of how powerful God is and how much his love can heal. Keep writing! You are a gifted communicator!!

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