Stephen Fry on God, Suffering, Athiesm

Here’s my video response to Stephen Fry’s recent viral interview about God, suffering, and athiesm.

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3 thoughts on “Stephen Fry on God, Suffering, Athiesm

  1. Hi Daniel, I was diagnosed as OCPD in January 2013. I found your blog shortly after that and I must say that I was so pleased that you had gone to, and indeed continue to go to the trouble of speaking out about the condition and the world as we can and perhaps might learn to interpret it. In short, I thank you.

    I completely agree with your comments about suffering in that negative people will always find fault short of the ‘bulls eye’. However, in that interview Stephen went on to suggest that if, at his time of passing he were to find the Ancient Greek Gods in heaven then he would have no such bones of contention with them. I believe his comments were a clever way of suggesting that it is not with God whom he has an argument but instead it is the way that Christianity preaches that everything is a part of Gods plan and that he is all loving, forgiving and just and that we should ‘spend our lives on our knees thanking him’.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts as always.

    Best wishes

    Dan Thomas-Hay

  2. Jeff says:

    As an atheist with OCPD, I don’t view his comments in the light that you are perhaps viewing them. It seems that you’re insinuating that he is a negative thinker who is mad at a god who he doesn’t even believe exists. But going back to the start of the interview, Fry is put in the hypothetical situation of being asked what IF the Christian God were true, then how would be respond. As someone whose views are very similar in line with Fry’s and who doesn’t believe in a god or gods, I view many things in the world simple ‘as is’; many good things, yet sadly many bad things as well. Not believing there is a god or gods that cause or even allow things one way or another, I feel that through science and determination it is up to us to make things better or worse should we choose to. So if I were asked the same question as Fry, I would respond similarly.

    I enjoyed your Vlog as I do all them, and always enjoy reading/watching various viewpoints on things. Thank you for taking the time to cover the topics you do, I’m always excited to see what you are discussing next 🙂 I know my view on THIS particular topic is pretty different than yours, but the world would be a boring place if we all felt the same, right? 🙂

    Best wishes to you!


  3. sdh says:

    The full definition of “if” is as follows : 1) in the event that, 2) allowing that, 3) on the assumption that, 4) on condition that (Merriam Webster). The definition of atheist is as follows : 1) a person who believes that God does not exist, 2) one who believes that there is no deity (Merriam Webster). My personal take on this is that Fry is misrepresenting the atheist community by even entertaining the idea that there is a slight possibility that God or some form of a deity exist. My personal beliefs (after going through a slight atheist phase for a few years), there is a God (I believe in the LORD God) and He definitely got my attention so if someone were to interview me and say,” Stephanie, what “IF” this is all in your head and the LORD God really isn’t real?” I would answer, “For me He is real so I am not able to answer your question based on this “if” but let me tell you why He “IS” real.” In a very bad and suicidal state I cried out to the LORD because I had nothing left to try in this world based on my state at the time. I had major medical problems including 1) fibromyalgia, 2) migraines, 3) TN or trigeminal neuralgia (the suicide disease), 4) tmj or temporal joint dysfunction, 5) OCPD, 6) broken heart (can’t be with the person I’m in love with……….none of those illnesses listed are curable by anything in this world, there are medications and such but those are not curable by men and women or surgeries or medicine. After I cried out to Him, within weeks He cured me. I guess someone who is an atheist might say, “well it’s the atoms and particles in the air, one of the special atoms connected to a G7 particle flew in your nose while you were sleeping, traveled throughout your whole body causing a disruption in your connective tissue thus enabling the excretion of all the different infections to exit your body in a natural, safe way.” “Or maybe it was the G8 particle?”

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