The Making of Ultra Dance 14 Megamix

Three weeks ago in my post titled “Teenage Dream Come True,” I wrote about my exciting new opportunity to work with Ultra Music. Today, Ultra Music released my work on their YouTube channel!

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this work. To be more exact, I enjoyed all fifty hours that I spent making this music video mix. Even though Ultra Music gave me just two weeks to finish the project, I was so passionately involved that I finished it within a week.

GATHERING (2 hour)

One of the greatest perks of legitimately working on a mix with a record company as opposed to working on a bootleg mix alone is the full access to all the best quality audio parts. In “The Making of Pop Danthology,” I had to spend an entire month working on this part. It is this part of megamixing that I hate the most because it feels so unproductive. I was thrilled to find out that Ultra Music was willing to save my time by providing me with all the audio parts that they had access to. All I had to do was click one button to download everything onto my computer. I felt like a little boy on a shopping spree at a toy store when I saw all the perfect audio stems! There was only a little bit of additional searching that I had to do on my own.

LISTENING (1 hour)

To get a good overview of the compilation of music, I spent an hour just listening to the fifteen songs that Ultra Music wanted me to mix.

PLANNING (8 hours)

My planning always starts off with me making a list of all the songs with their tempos and keys. I thought maybe I could save some time on this part by looking at the key information provided by Beatport, but I discovered that even their details are not always so accurate. I then made a note of all the best and most marketable parts for each one of the fifteen songs (I have always had a natural sense for sounds that appeal to the masses). Then I started to plan out the order in which those best parts would appear on the mix.

ARRANGING (23 hours)

I spent the next twenty hours putting all of the audio parts together using Logic Pro.

MIXING (1 hour)

Once all the audio parts were in their rightful place, I had to mix my arrangement. Surprisingly, this took a much shorter time than I originally expected because, this time, I worked with such good quality audio. Previously when I worked with lesser quality audio and warped them using lesser quality warping mechanisms, I had to play around with the EQ so much to make up for the lost frequencies. This time, however, I downloaded a free trial version of Ableton Live and was amazed by its ability to warp audio while retaining much of its original quality.

VIDEO EDITING – first edit (8 hours)

Once the music is done, the video editing comes so easy. I finished making the first edit of the video in one day with no breaks, no meals. To me, all the parts before this stage is like drawing and this part is like tracing over my drawing. Since there is also less lip-syncing in electronic music videos, timing is so much more flexible. I did not need to speed up or slow down too much footage. After watching all of the electronic dance music videos, I realized that too many directors overuse running and fighting during the climactic parts of electronic music.

VIDEO EDITING – final edit (7 hours)

Adding images, text, logos, making changes as requested by Ultra Music, making the teaser.


[A] Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing
[B] Qwote – Letting Go
[C] Brass Knuckles- Bad Habits
[D] Enur feat. Nicki Minaj and Goonrock – I’m That Chick (Rune RK Remix)
[E] Alex Gaudino feat. Taboo – I Don’t Wanna Dance
[F] Kaskade feat. Neon Trees – Lessons In Love (Headhunterz Remix)
[G] Benny Benassi presents The Biz – Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix)
[H] deadmau5 – The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix)
[I] Sandro Silva feat. Jack Miz – Let Go Tonight
[J] Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero feat. Matthew Koma – Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind)
[K] Bang La Decks- Kudeon (Obsession)
[L] Michael Mind – Feeling So Blue
[M] Congorock and Stereo Massive – Bless Di Nation feat. Sean Paul
[N] Black Boots – Rebels In The Night (Extended Mix)
[O] Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston – Alchemy (Above & Beyond Club Mix)


[time start – song – time end]



00:03 – C – 00:07
00:07 – A – 00:11
00:10 – J – 00:19
00:11 – H – 00:15
00:14 – E – 00:15
00:19 – C – 00:21
00:21 – J – 00:23
00:23 – C – 00:24
00:24 – J – 00:26
00:26 – C – 00:35
00:37 – F – 00:52
00:44 – C – 00:45
00:52 – B – 01:07
01:07 – C – 01:22
01:22 – N – 01:52
01:59 – K – 02:00
02:01 – D – 02:05
02:07 – L – 02:22
02:28 – L – 02:30
02:30 – M – 02:37
02:52 – O – 03:21
03:25 – G – 03:26
03:33 – G – 03:34
03:40 – G – 03:41
03:41 – J – 04:11
03:48 – G – 03:49
04:10 – I – 04:28

00:03 – C – 01:22
01:22 – C + N – 01:37
01:37 – N – 01:52
01:52 – N + L – 02:07
02:07 – L – 02:37
02:37 – O + G – 03:26
03:26 – G – 03:56
03:56 – A – end
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21 thoughts on “The Making of Ultra Dance 14 Megamix

  1. Hey there, I loved this Danthology Megamix… is the track for sale? or is it downloadable?
    I’d love to get it!! Thanks!! (=

  2. Aaron says:

    I am not familiar with most of the tracks but I like Clavin Harris music and his sound is on most of the video. Nice work Dan as expected!

  3. Lincoln M says:

    Wow! I am not a DJ, now more than I could only wish I had some of your skills, excellent job, I’ll be looking out for your next super mix………

  4. manhead says:

    How did u increase the tempo n make the key chart??? but really awsome work in both pop danthology 2012 n ultra dance 14 megamix

    • manhead says:

      Kim when u read that plz plz reply i really need to know…Im 13 n i made this using iskysoft video studio express i wanted to know how put that extra beat playing in the background of the songs.plz let me know what do keys do n how did u increase the tempo and from where did u get those video clips from n how did u ut that extra beat.. Thanks 🙂

    • Daniel Kim says:

      I increased the tempo just through the pitch/tempo adjustment function in Logic Pro. The key chart I designed using photoshop. Thank you!

  5. manhead says:

    oh n sry that im commenting again and again but what do keys do?And how did u put that extra beat or maybe we call it bootleg i think or kick dunno :p.How did u put that?

    • Daniel Kim says:

      Keys tell you which notes go together. I’m sorry that’s the best I can explain. I mostly taught myself music so I just go by what sounds right and wrong… So songs in two different keys just sound wrong to me 😛

      To put in kicks, I just insert a sound of a kick at the points I want it to play. Where do I get that kick sound? I need to find one in the original song where there is no other overlapping sound and then I crop out that kick sound.

  6. manhead says:

    And how did u combine the instrumentals?? Like u mixed brass knuckles-bad habits and black boots- rebels in the night extended mix.Did u do all that in logic pro??

    • Daniel Kim says:

      Yes I mix sounds all in logic. After putting them in same key and same tempo, I lay them along the time line on top of one another so that they play at the same time.

  7. manhead says:

    when u come on plz plz answer

  8. manhead says:

    thanks a ton man u rock 🙂 but 1 last questions how did u put them in the same key?

  9. manhead says:

    Here is a mashup i made 4-5 days ago

    hope u like it 🙂 plz let me know youre my inspiration of making mashups 🙂 🙂 😀

  10. manhead says:

    how did u put the songs in the same key?

  11. manhead says:

    k thanks 🙂

  12. manhead says:

    Oh and 1 more thing how did u figure out the key in each song and what did u think when u were choosing the appropriate key and how did u wrap each song to match that key?? Did you use abelton?

  13. James says:

    where can i find the Instrumentals for these tracks 🙂 i really love em

  14. is there a way that I can download this mix?

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