Teenage Dream Come True

Chao Headphone

Between the years of 1998 and 2003, I attended an all-boys Catholic high school. During this time, rap was really popular and all of my friends were listening to American rap music. I, on the other hand, found an obsessive liking for Australian hi-NRG dance music (this was before YouTube came into existence so it was very uncommon for a Korean boy from Vancouver, Canada to be listening to music from Australia).

I was a huge fan of Nicholas Agamalis (a.k.a. “DJ Nick Skitz”) and Alex Karbouris (a.k.a. “DJ Alex K”). It was through their work that I discovered how much I love megamixes. I loved how megamixes efficiently transitioned from one song to the next before my boredom could cause me to lose my focus. When I first heard this megamix by DJ Nick Skitz, I was completely blown away! “How is this even possible?” I thought to myself at the time.

I thought it was so cool that “Wild FM,” a dance music radio station that used to exist in Sydney, recognized their talents too and had them produce their megamixes. I collected every single one. “Wow!” I thought, “what an honourable gig! I wish I could do something like that someday.” But having no faith in myself, I put aside another one of my silly teenage dreams.

Ten years later, after having completely forgotten about that dream, I make a megamix just for fun and it goes viral all over the internet! Since then, so many great things have been coming my way: interviews (TV and print), free DJ equipment (like the beautiful headphones in the picture above – click on the image too see more of their headphones), and work opportunities (some overseas with all travel and accommodation expenses taken care of).

One of those great opportunities was able to resurrect that dream that I had put aside in high school.

Ultra Music,” the #1 dance/electronic music label in the US, contacted me and asked if I could make them a video megamix as a promotional piece for their “Ultra Dance” various artists compilation.

Ultra Music


Of course I said “YES!” to this wonderful opportunity. The megamix will be released very shortly as I have not been given much time to work on it 😛

Thank you DJ Nick Skitz and DJ Alex K for both being such an inspiration to me during my high school years. Thank you Ultra Music for making one of my dreams come true.

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3 thoughts on “Teenage Dream Come True

  1. Halvir says:

    You deserve good things, sir. I am greatly enjoying your blog, and find your approach to OCPD minus the D inspiring.

  2. Your story is so similar to mine! Catholic all boys school and everything! I was a UK guy loving cantonpop and my muse was a guy called DJ Leon. I’m still waiting for my big break, and it may never come, but its great to hear that you got your dream! Well Done!

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