The Story Behind the Success of Pop Danthology

Recently, one of my creative works went viral over the internet. In one week, “Pop Danthology 2012” reached over seven million views.

The success of “Pop Danthology 2012” has meant so much to me.

Young Daniel Kim

From a very young age, I was a gifted artist. I created things simply because I could. It gave me joy to see my ideas come to life. Life was simple and happy back then and I was a very nice boy with a pure heart.

As I grew older, however, life became more complicated. I experienced a lot of emotional pain (it did not help that I was born with extreme sensitivity). I was taken advantage of, rejected, invalidated, criticized, cheated, betrayed, and disrespected. I grew into a very untrusting bitter person with an inflexible mentality of survival.

All the pain accumulated inside of me and I did not know how to handle it. Having been raised by Asian parents, I was taught to distract myself from my pain by keeping myself busy. I then started using art and music to escape my pain.

I became addicted to this form of escape. My workaholism in the arts took a toll on my health and my relationships. I toiled through many creative projects that I had absolutely no interest in. I made myself sick of what used to give me joy.

When art and music failed to distract me from my pain, I moved onto other forms of escape and developed a whole new set of different destructive addictions.

After hitting rock bottom, I finally decided to give up everything that I was addicted to, including art and music. I spent a year dealing with my pain and finding healing and inner peace. It was a tough year because my brain and body continually urged me to fall back on my addictions. But I was able to stay on the right track with the support of a caring community, professional help, and my faith in a higher power.

Pop Danthology 2012” was the first creative project I worked on, not out of my need to escape my pain, but simply out of my desire to create art for art’s sake.

It was amazing when my art went viral! All of a sudden, all the pain, anger, distrust, insecurity, anxiety, and unforgiveness that I had remaining inside of me disappeared. Not one ounce of negativity was left inside of me. I was full of joy! My joy led me to make peace with members of my immediate family that I had cut out of my life.

I have no idea where I will go from here. But even if no big opportunity comes my way as a result of this success, I will still be so happy and grateful for what this event did inside of me.

Thank you so much to all of you who shared my video. To you, it may have just been a simple act of passing on a cool video to a friend. But to me, it meant much much more than that!

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38 thoughts on “The Story Behind the Success of Pop Danthology

  1. Jeannie says:

    so proud of you Daniel. God has good things for you and has given you so much talent. use it and share it!!!

  2. angie says:

    so so proud of you Daniel. you have really discovered “pain with a purpose” and this is just the beginning of discovering more purpose. you were created to create.

  3. Chic says:

    You should be really proud of the mountains youve had to climb to see the beautiful other side……. I saw your mashup on youtube by accident, passed it onto friends then set it and the others as my excersize work out vid. I got sick of doing excersize to “lets get physical” (really old school olivia newton john). Thank you for the refreshing change…. I will eagerly awaits 2013’s if there happens to be one 🙂

  4. azngg2 says:

    I’m also proud of you Dan. God has been allowing you to go through lots to develop your character. He loves you and is pleased with you. I can’t wait to see the great things He has planned for your life.

    Gary Wong

  5. Joanne says:


    You are a very inspiring person and thank you for sharing your touching story with all of us. I first came across you when I watched your Korean mash up. That was amazing! You are truly a talented individual with so much passion for music!

    Stay positive and keep that joyful feeling within you!

    From your fan

    Joanne 🙂 X

  6. André Dorte says:

    Man, I’m your fan. You work is very good and I feel the same that you said.
    Congratulations man, and keep working and very good things will come!
    You deserve this! o/

  7. Carl Ballot says:

    I am very moved by your story, Daniel. Well done and thank you – not just for the mashup (which I also stumbled upon by accident) but by the much bigger inspiration of your life story… Thus far!! SDG

  8. You’re really an inspiring person. I’m having problems into fit myself in the world, i really don’t know what to do with my life but, seeing people like you that overcomes the challenges of life and find a place in the world, that wins, make me feel like: Hey i can win too. Thank you very much, sharing your story with us makes people like me belive and never gave up.

    Sorry about my english, i’m brazilian. Yeah, you really should be proud of your work! it came this far…

  9. Chris De Vera says:

    You deserved every single view bro!

  10. Matthew Barber says:

    Very touched by your story, Daniel, because it’s so similar to my own and so many others who use creativity to deal with emotional pain. I also made it to a better place — and artistic success. Journey on, my friend. I know we’ll be enjoying many more wonderful creations from you in the future. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  11. Nancy Kotinek Chiczewski says:

    So glad to hear that you are in a happier place. Your work is amazing and so are you for sharing your story. Who knows how many more lives you will touch because you were willing to show your pain and helplessness.
    Wishing you only happiness!

  12. Heather says:

    I am a new fan, as I just discovered you when a friend posted Pop Danthology 2012 on Facebook, but I think you are absolutely brilliant. I’m so glad I “discovered” you and I can’t wait to see what else you do with your talent. Thank you for bringing joy to so many people.

  13. Yovarni Yearwood says:

    Dang good job! This is the kind of stuff I wish I could do haha. You’ve done an AMAZING job on this, I hope you do more!

  14. Cookie says:

    You’re really awesome, you know. :0 Glad that you’re recovering well. I hope you make it big someday. You really have a talent for music:)

    But promise us one thing, though. Never stop making your danthologies. 🙂

  15. Flick says:

    Good for you Daniel! 😀 Everyone needs a break sometimes and this one is definitely one of yours and of your very own making as well! Good luck!

  16. Jason L says:

    Good job on your art!, I also have felt the same exact way growing up feeling rejected, and disliked, sometimes feeling the whole world was out to get me and that I was obviously different. It made me feel horrible that I was different but I eventually accepted It and decided to use that feeling of being different and be proud of my individuality. All that did for me was make me even more quirky and yes it gave me the need to “persevere” or “survive.” It turned me into a stubborn, bitter person always trying to prove everybody wrong. I would say my Will pushed me to overly perfect everything and work extra hard to complete things. I used to want to be an Architect. I would draw advanced blueprints in my bedroom at 13 years old. Your art is wonderful and you should never stop trying to perfect it. I see you being very famous! I never considered myself very sensitive but I believe I am because I take everything too seriously and miss sarcasm very often. Please tell me when did you realize you were extremely sensitive and what exactly affected you, how old were you? Because I am just now realizing this about myself. It all makes sense now. Thanks.

    • Daniel Kim says:

      My parents told me I was a really sensitive child. They remember how different it was to raise my sister who was much less sensitive than me. It was only a year and a half ago, at the age of 26, when I really began to understand how much my sensitivity affects my life.

  17. Uyen says:

    I’m so happy for you. I’m really happy that you found your inner peace at last! You make amazing music and want you to keep on doing what you want to do! ❤ i'm a new fan, so I'll be looking forward to more amazing things from you!

  18. saif says:

    man … you have moved so motions inside me … i was going to cry while i am reading this …. but you have to know that you have the talent to be the best ….. i am supporting your to the end man … if what i am feeling now is true that’s means that i am proud of you so much ….. and for your information you will be one of my ideals … wish to you the best luck ever … you are the best

  19. That’s amazing Daniel! It’s a sign from the universe that this is truly your calling and that the world needs your creativity and music back!

  20. Sandra says:

    you are very excellent Daniel…may all happiness with you

  21. Aaron says:

    Very inspiring… In my opinion, you’re now my official “brother from another mother”! Kudos Dan!

  22. jc says:

    Awesome! 🙂

  23. Simply awesome! Very inspiring! Looking forward to your next work of art…

  24. Juvy Godinez says:

    You are AMAZING! 👏👏👏

  25. Litkei Béla says:

    Dear Daniel!
    I am a Hungarian man, and to this day do not know what the OCPD started reading your blog and I feel great respect for you, that this “disease” so much did you take? They did so beautiful and you are making your mixes simply phenomenal! With all due respect to you! When will a new mix?

  26. My blog salute your bright talent
    keep it up ,few are like you on these days

  27. I’m so happy for you Daniel not only for sharing your talent to the world but also for sharing your life story to us. I’m have also OCPD, I have so many talents to choose from. But as a Filipino, education is worth a lifetime. Now I’m a Doctor of Medicine but I my career failed me to break free from my addictions. I have so many masterpieces ranging from music to needlepoint and from from origami to literature. But they just fade out into the midst of my disorder. But with your story, I can make those masterpieces come to life by bringing them into cyberspace. This might work out as it worked successfully with you. So DJ Daniel Kim, you are my inspiration! Keep our dreams alive. Let’s make OCPD a positive perspective!

  28. Gabriel says:

    Brazil LOOOOOOOOVE This music |♥|

  29. Laura says:

    It’s always with higher power! That peace comes! God is amazing! Hope to see more of your art!

  30. Your mix helps me run my 3 miles every single day:)

  31. Yebin says:

    Nice job!! I am currently addicted to your pop danthology…:)
    I can totally agree with you in many aspects. I was born into a Korean family with strong work ethics, and I am very much a Korean. However, when I look at my laid-back American friends, something always writhes in me… Now I know why. Thank you Daniel. God bless you and you are truly a hero to the Asians!:D
    Yebin won

  32. Rommel says:

    You have plenty of fans here in the PH. I liked the way you chopsued the songs! Great work.

  33. Resh Dollete says:

    Very cool! Thank you for inspiring me! :)) 😀 😀 God bless :))

  34. Samantha says:

    You are an amazing freaking person! People don’t know how much work goes into what you create. Never stop, seriously. Even if you don’t get many opportunities from this, your work has brought joy to so many.

    Music is the key to happiness. 🙂

  35. hasitha says:

    congratz daniel kim, the best mashups i heard in my life is “POP DANTHOLOGY”

  36. Waadee says:

    Amazing , I didn’t know about this part of your life story. Wish I had the money to fund you to work like this all your life. Kudos !!! you are very inspiring. One brave act rescues 99 cowards. Thank You !!!

  37. M says:

    well I do LOOOOOOVE all ur Pop danthology works ..
    They are amazing and u have an incredible talent ..
    I’m moved by ur story and I’m sorry for ur struggle but ur now a better person and u have ur whole life ahead of u ..
    Good luck and keep up the wonderful great jop ❤❤

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