The Making of Pop Danthology

Pop Danthology 2012Once a year, I try to make a seamless musical mix (“mash-up”) of the year’s top pop songs. This is not a quick and easy thing to do. Making a mash-up is like completing a huge puzzle (not every piece goes together). Fortunately, my brain was made for these kinds of puzzles. The whole process takes me about three whole months.


This is my least favourite part of the process because it feels so unproductive. All I do for one month is gather my ingredients (vocal parts, instrumental parts, video clips, etc.). Like Jiro, the master sushi chef I wrote about in my last blog post, I sacrifice my efficiency to get the best ingredients. I search all over the internet and use my sensitivity to compare all the different versions of the same puzzle pieces. If good quality audio parts are not available on the internet, I will then make my own audio parts (using audio engineering techniques like phase cancellation) as a last resort. I then start compiling an organized list of the best puzzle pieces.

This is what my list looks like from A to C

Mashup List

[ Song Title (Part) – Key – Tempo ]


Once I have all my audio parts, I then start planning out a way to fit them together. Audio parts must be in the same key AND in the same tempo in order to fit together. But it is not as simple as digitally manipulating all the tracks to one key and tempo (though many other mash-up artists do this). If vocal parts are pitched more than one semi-tone from its original key, the vocalists no longer sound human (they either sound like chipmunks or like king Xerxes from “300”). The tempo of instrumentals cannot be changed too much either. In order to find the perfect key to work with, I make a key chart.

Pop Danthology Key Chart

[ the numbers above refer to the number of songs in that key ]

Looking at this chart, I can tell that C minor is a great key to work with and F# minor is a terrible key to work with. In the end, I decided to use four different keys and three tempo changes.


In the third month, I finally get to work on my favourite part of the mash-up making process, arrangement! This is the part when I get to have fun putting my puzzle pieces together. The part that feels like work, however, is the very technical part of mixing. I must adjust the volume and EQ of about 150 individual audio parts. I get very OCPD about mixing because everything just sounds so imperfect and messy to me. This is the part when I listen to Rihanna sing the line “Shine bright like a diamond” on loop, over and over again, as I make my changes.

Hope you enjoy it! It was a lot of work! For an entire month, I went to sleep every night with ringing in my ears :p


Q: Is it easier to make a mash-up of pop music because it all sounds the same?
A: No. I can just as easily mix the Beatles and other “more complex” music. Different time signature does not make a song less easy to mix. All you have to do is find another song that is in the same time signature. Mixing live classical music can be a little bit more challenging only because of its inconsistent tempo (those inconsistent conductors!). Quantizing can easily fix this obstacle (I use “flex view” in “Logic Pro” and manually compress and stretch the audio for classical music). The biggest challenge I can think of would be mixing songs that are using completely different scales. So mixing western music with something like classical Arabic music or Gregorian chant would be challenging. But even those can be mixed after changing the pitch of some of the notes using tuning software. Mixing pop music the way I do is not all that simple either. I mixed together the music of “We Are Young” and “Brokenhearted” between 2:29 and 3:00. After putting them in the same tempo and key, “We Are Young” has the chord progression F, Dm7, Gm7, A#, C while “Brokenhearted” has the chord progression F, Dm, A#, C, F. Do you notice how only the first two chords work together? I had to find the parts of “Brokenhearted” that played the bass notes without too many other sounds, copy that sound to all the down beats of the instrumental of “We Are Young,” and then use a professional tuning software called “Melodyne” to change the individual notes of the bass to match the chord progression of “We Are Young.”

Q: Why put in all that time and effort in something that you cannot earn any money from?
A: I do it simply because I can. That is what I believe separates us passionate artists from the rest of the world. That is probably why the term “starving artist” also exists haha.

Q: What did you use to make this mash-up?
A: MacBook Pro (Computer), Logic Pro (DAW), Melodyne Editor (Pitch Correction), Final Cut Pro (Video Editor)

Q: Where can I download the mp3?

Q: Can I play this on my radio show, during my DJ set, on my wedding, etc.?
A: Yes, you at least have my permission. But I’m no lawyer. So you might want to check first before playing it on something that you are making money off of :p

Q: Why is Taylor Swift and other big artists of 2012 missing from this mash-up?
A: I extracted some of the audio parts of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and really wanted to use it. Unfortunately, the tempo of the song is too different from the tempo of the section of my mash-up that is in G major (the key that Taylor Swift’s song is in). The key is also too different from the key of the section of my mash-up that is roughly around the same tempo. If you did not hear some of 2012’s hit songs, it is simply because I could not find a way to fit them in or the audio parts that I had for them were in such poor quality that it would have compromised the quality of my mash-up to include them. Also, 2012 was not a big year for Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. Please check out Pop Danthology 2011 to listen to them.

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168 thoughts on “The Making of Pop Danthology

  1. Joan Wong says:

    this is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ben says:

    Fantastic job sir

  3. S Johnson says:

    Love. It.

  4. Mark says:

    Very cool information! I wonder if most songs every year are in C?

  5. Sonja says:

    Really love all your mash-ups! 🙂 Great way to use your talents! I have to say, and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, I can see a definite growth in your skills from your mash-up in 2010 to the one for this year! I know you strive for excellence each time, so please don’t take this as criticism, because it is definitely not! 🙂 Hope you continue making these great mashups for us to remember the year in music.

  6. anne in colo says:

    Just a note for those looking for the track listing — it’s in the notes on the YouTube post:

  7. Just Awesome Work Daniel. Such Refined Patience.

  8. Prashant Rana says:

    just wanted to appreciate your hard work … respect

  9. iLevit8 says:

    Dan! This mash up is out of this world! Is this on soundcloud yet? You are super talented!!

  10. You should try your hand at music production of the genre of your choice, you never know what you can achieve! Good job on the mashup!

  11. exoevolution says:

    can we get an mp3 anywhere?

  12. first time I ran across this & had to go back & listen to the past year-end mashups too. it’s crazy & so great! good job, man.

  13. lovethemusic says:

    why don’t you charge for your mashup on itunes? you are extremely talented!

    • Daniel Kim says:

      I don’t have the rights to make money off of it 😛

      • Cole says:

        Yeah, and I have a feeling it would be SUCH a pain to extract all of the rights to ALL of the songs you have EVER mashed-up in ADDITION to the video work. Still… It’s quite an amazing thing you’re doing. Do it for as long as you’re able. I look forward to seeing the mashup’s every year and have been listening to them since 2009. Good one. 😀

      • BeAtSrOxS says:

        UR SO NICE!! but if you do charge YOULL MAKE A FORTUNE :D:D

  14. Justin R says:

    Is the video part easy once you’ve got the audio or is that challenging too? Great job!

  15. Allison says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this video. Am even more grateful that you included a track listing. The only thing that would make this more awesome was annotations telling me which song was playing…I am deaf, but I still enjoy music and the beats….there are several songs in here that I like, and I will probably end up listening to all of them, but I want to immediately listen to the ones I really liked! 🙂 I look forward to seeing more projects like this!

  16. ope says:

    Hey, Dan good job, 1 thing though, ALMOST no rap artist whatsoever was put in this mash up( i know its a pop thing but doesn’t hip hop count, and i really don’t think tempo shouldn’t be a problem)

  17. Jun says:

    you rock bro!

  18. Kevi-Kev says:

    WOW!!! WOW!!! That’s all I can say! Daniel Kim…you are a GENIUS. First time I heard about you was today on the news! (KNX 1070) so when I got home, I you tube’d your Danthology & was beyond amazed at your work! I have nothing but respect for you my brotha! Keep doing what you are doing. You bring joy to many people & that is priceless
    Thank you!

  19. Dietmar says:

    Believe it or not, but there are people out here WITHOUT a facebook account, and I don’t want to sign up just because to get this mp3. So, is there another way to get it…? (And I deeply hope so…)

  20. Kobi Rohman says:

    The work you put into making this is crazy. awesome job

  21. Dan Kim Fan says:

    Brilliant. Would love to see you mashup a Beatles and Nirvana medley.

  22. copaeci says:

    you did an awesome work…
    keep your good job… i really appreciate this

  23. Solomon Ofosu says:

    What Program did you use?

  24. Martin Ka says:

    for the people love the music like me YOU RE AMAZINGGGGGGG !!!!!!!

  25. Lems says:

    Please give me a pack music, all musics….

  26. vfede says:

    I was just thinking
    “I would love to know what happen inside Daniel Kim’s head while he create these mashup masterpieces. How he manage so many songs, beats, videos, find the appropriate one, link all them toghether. How much he manages complexity top-down or bottom-up, and how he create this amazing stuff.”
    and then I found you have a blog. Amazing.

  27. Richard Cook says:

    I had the great good fortune to find your work (and then your website) today, while I was struggling with trying to update my browser. I had a much better day after I listened to and watched something I’d never experienced before. Thank-you for such beautiful and uplifting work.

  28. nice work! did u take notes about the chord progression in the songs?

  29. That’s coolio! I love it!

  30. baretahs says:

    Thats is a great work

    i like it so

    make more stuff …please…


  31. Art says:

    “the vocalists no longer sound human (they either sound like chipmunks or like king Xerxes from “300″)” AFAIK most higher-end modern audio processing apps allow pitch shifting without altering the characteristics of the voice. Does that help the problem any?

    • Daniel Kim says:

      The tuning software that I use as well as my DAW are both high-end. They do give me the option to keep the harmonics unchanged while changing the pitch, but it works 10% of the time.

      • Art says:

        Yeah, I noticed that if used heavy-handedly, it can quickly make the voice sound synthetic, indeed. You seem too careful to allow any of that to creep into the mix, though.
        Anyway, there’s not much to add to the praises. The execution is pristine and flawless. Love it when people do their thing properly. I’ve seen commercial productions that failed to receive the same serious level of effort and care.

      • Curtis Kline says:

        So, I read the entire article and the FAQ section, and didn’t find mention of which DAW you are using. Could you enlighten me, please?

  32. daniele says:


  33. dieudonne says:

    Your mashup is a masterpiece, I have no words to describe it!I also love the fact that u described how you’ve done it.I love doing simple mashups and I always wanted to do the kind of mashup you did, but it’s hard to match the key and the tempo, because like you say there shouldn’t be a big difference.The 3 months you have spent to do this mashup are totally worth it, you are amazing!Great work, I hope to hear more from you.

  34. Curtis Kline says:

    I feel your pain, tough I’ve never taken on a megamash project like this, when I’m plotting out dance sets my OCD kicks into overdrive and everything must sound as close to perfect as possible. I can spend 10 – 15 hours making a 5 hour set.

  35. Ray says:

    amazing and informative! thank you.
    i’ve learned a lot!
    i’ll try to mash up songs from my church now

  36. raymond says:

    “I do it simply because I can. That is what I believe separates us passionate artists from the rest of the world.” <<< Exactly…Well put. Passion provides so much drive.

    After viewing your video my granddaughters favorite term of astonishment came to mind……."Seriously ?!!!"

    Fantastic work Daniel Kim. Thank you. So looking forward to your future contributions.

  37. Bart says:

    I just stumbled onto your 2012 mashup and I LOVED it! I must say, this sounds like a huge amount of work, but the result is absolutely stunning. Now, I was wondering: do you sample all the samples yourself from the original tracks? Because it seems a lot like you were able to isolate eg. some voices from some tracks. (without any other background ‘noise’ of the track) How do you do that? Usually this is only possible if you have access to the original master tapes, because acapellas are not released all that much. Sometimes you’re lucky and the track will contain a certain chorus without any background instruments, but most of the times this is not the case. So, how do you do this? I’m very curious to know! Thanks!

  38. Ben says:

    Hey do you have plans for a version with your commentary?

  39. Crazy request. Start working backwards and make one for each year. This is great!

  40. Nick says:

    Bravo sir, Bravo! Simply magnificent! IMO one of the best, if not THE best mashup work on youtube. Honestly not much of a difference between your work or Girltalk/3LAU/KapSlap. If you made little 5 song mashups you could tour the world! d(-_-)b I look forward to hearing more of your work! 🙂

  41. Lisa says:

    you are truly an artist. bravo.

  42. YC says:

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! thanks for sharing your passion and hard work! Truely appreciated! I’ve listened to this so many times in the last 24 hours.

    Also listened to your songs, etc. You’re a true artist!

    Really enjoyed Calculove too! =)

  43. Bianca says:

    Do you have a list of all the songs that you used to make this mashup?

  44. LouisGan says:

    WELL Done !! I like it so much…
    Can I have the list of song of Pop Danthology 2012..?

  45. Jay Friedman says:

    Outstanding job Daniel. Im a DJ diagnosed with accute OCD and Asphergurs. This music is like a puzzle for me too. For those of you out there who don’t know what it’s like to have OCD or Aphergurs, there really is no way to explain how music feels. Music is an outstanding connection between everyone on the planet no matter what language you speek. But when you have OCD or Asphergurs and you hear the perfect song, that “piece to the puzzle”, there is just no better feeling. I really can’t describe it and im so happy to see how far I can go if I can continue with my goals.

  46. Fran says:

    Please make popthologies on previous years!!!!!!

  47. DECCA says:

    I only wish that a popthologies type project was available for classical crossover but I guess Daniel only has so much free time to provide to his incredible hobby that allows us to take a twelve month journey of sight and sound in just 8 minutes.
    Just fantastic, thank so much!

  48. Naina says:

    You’re amazing. God knows how many times I’ve listened to this mash-up over and over again! BEST! Really talented. Keep doing what you do! 😀

  49. CONGRATULATIONS ! Would love to actually see the LOGIC file. Any plans on making that available for learning purposes ? 😉

    • Daniel Kim says:

      Although the logic files would not be too big to upload, the aiff files would be.

      • electr0 says:

        You should be able to upload the Logic files and the AIFF files to the Internet Archive (, by the way. I have uploaded things well over 100GB to them and it works fine, is free, and shouldn’t be deleted.

  50. Stephanie says:

    This is pretty cool – it’s like a small peek into the inner workings of your mind. I read your personal post on extreme sensitivity. Just wanted to drop a note of appreciation for sharing your story, journey, and this fantastic piece of art you’ve made 🙂 It seems like you’ve come far and still have ways to go. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future ^^

  51. Rodrigo Bizzotto says:

    Great Job ! Can you post the playlist complete ?
    Congratulations #From Brazil !

  52. Marty says:

    So You do use mixed in key?

  53. This is sick¡¡¡
    I’m totally addicted¡ Downloaded the mp3 the day after you uploaded the video and I’ve been listening to it or singing it everyday.
    You’re bringing joy back into my life, you’re waking me up¡¡¡
    Great job man¡¡¡ Thank you¡¡¡ Parabéns¡¡¡

  54. joey says:

    great artist, great job, well done and thank you very much

  55. Face says:

    Is there any way to get a list of all 50 songs that were used in the mash-up? I’d be grateful

  56. Keat Kim says:

    Gees, this is the coolest video clip or music I’ve heard this year.
    Daniel Kim, everyone admires your talent!!
    I’ll be waiting for your next work!!

  57. Jonas says:

    Great work!

  58. sadijara says:

    You have brought a tremendous amount of joy to my life and made me feel young and so alive! Thank you!!! God Bless You!

  59. José Manuel says:

    You’re fantastic man!

  60. Alex says:

    This is just amazing. As an audiophile, mixer, audio engineer and computer specialist, I can just tell you this is a great piece of art. I show this video to my family and everybody enjoy it at maximum! wow!

  61. Pattany says:

    how to find out the tempo and key of a song ?

  62. Dogan says:

    which program you’re using a video editor of the highly successful

  63. graham says:

    Hey Daniel, just wanted to compliment you on this awesome mash up. It is the best one I have ever heard and I know it took a long ass time for no money.

    Mad Respect

  64. Alex says:

    This was one of the best things I saw this year! Pure awesomeness! I played it on the big screen at our NYE party and everyone loved it. I hope you can keep up the love for your hobby (since it doesn’t pay!) because I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  65. Martin says:

    Sir you have some skills thats for sure! Awesome job 🙂

  66. Rob says:

    I am extremely impressed. unfortunately the facebooklink doesn´t work any more. Any other place I can find a download?

  67. Hendrik says:

    Nothing new to say… It’s really awesome, I just came about it by an article in an online magazine – it was No. ONE on the Top Ten List… And I love it, too – and so do my kids….

    For me, you really are an artist, Daniel – and I admire Your skills and Perfection – keep on rocking, mate…

  68. By the way, I liked what you did on this video that you included the titles of the songs on the vocals and the background. Frankly I have no idea about the other songs that were there, since I don’t get to listen to the radio that much (aging?! I hope not…), and through that, I have an idea what the song titles are…

  69. Charlotte Hauser says:

    I absolutely love your videos! I’m a junior in high school and for English class, we have to give an individual oral presentation that has a creative element to it. I wanted to relate the traits of the main character to a compilation of songs. Your videos have inspired me to put together a remix of a bunch of songs (something similar to yours, but not quite as involved and without the music videos). Where did you find just the instrumental and vocal parts of these songs? I cannot find them on the internet. Some leads on the websites that have these parts of songs would be extremely helpful. I would really appreciate it if you could reply to this as soon as you get a chance, as we are presenting in just over a month and I need as much time as possible. Thank you so much!

  70. Miguel says:

    Just heard + watched Pop Dantology 2012 and is AWESOME! (had to use caps)

  71. isan says:

    how u do that? amazing! thanks a lot !
    what application video editing did u use?

    • Miguel says:

      It’s in the FAQ and answered already in previous posts:

      Q: What did you use to make this mash-up?
      A: MacBook Pro (Computer), Logic Pro (DAW), Melodyne Editor (Pitch Correction), Final Cut Pro (Video Editor)

  72. Liloleo says:

    Here is a video me and my firends did yesterday !
    You are great !

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    You are REALLY FUCKING AWESOME Im From Colombia Btw…

  74. Dedgod says:

    As a heavy metal/alternative fan, who dislikes pop music, I can’t believe how addicted I am to this. Cannot get the 2012 danthology out of my head.

    In an exceptional mashup, there are, really, epic, parts. Like starting at 3:40. Here i am, a heavy metal fan trying to find a youtube video of *Justin Beiber*. And that’s when i realized, a lot of these songs, on their own, sorry are still pretty crappy (Big Hoops, Boyfriend). And for some reason “We are young” just annoys the heck out of me.
    Until i heard this mashup of all these songs together. Genius.

    i still can’t believe I searched youtube for Justin Beiber.

  75. Chantelle says:

    Where do you download all the music for this?

  76. Yoon JH says:

    What a complicated process it is!!
    It is tremendous for you to make this song!!

  77. Mabel Koh says:

    You did a really awesome job! This is the best mash up I ever heard and you’re really talented!!

  78. nadine says:

    my favorite part of this danthology is the part where the vocals is YOUR BODY and the instrumental is ASS BACK HOME VS LIGHTS but the only problem is its only like 5 seconds i would love to have that mix completely created.

  79. Bryon says:

    when did you learn doing those mash-ups?

  80. gilbert says:

    Where do you download all the music for this?

  81. Chris says:

    Hey Dan,

    Did you see this?

  82. Antonia says:

    Hi! Great mashup. I was able to download it on my computer, but did you set up anyway for getting it on an iPhone? Its not on iTunes and I would love to have it on my phone! Please reply. Thanks.

  83. Kamal says:

    Hey new Kim generation !!! I’m proud of myself to be alive and thank GOD who let me to be and see human being on one step uper of creativity . You deserve to be billionaire not an starving artist , LORD has provided all we need and all there is but what still u need is BELIEVE !!!

  84. THIS IS THE BEST REMIX I’VE EVER HEARD! for now, I know the next one you’ll make will be the BEST. More power, keep it up! 🙂 I LOVE IT! 🙂

  85. You are so truly gifted. I don’t think I have ever listened to any mix or cut of music so many times in my life. And every time I do I’m still blown away by your mixing talent/genius.

    You truly have a serious passion for what you do and I look forward to your future creative works. I believe that your derivative work is every bit as good as any of the original cuts, and in some ways actually better.

    I am truly blown away by you Dan.

  86. tomchak says:

    Reblogged this on Tom’s World of Fun.

  87. Peter Lewis says:

    Was trying to log onto the facebook and Twitter link but wasn’t able to, is ther any way of getting the music so I can pass it on to a heap of my mate’s

  88. KT says:

    Hey Daniel, is there any possible way you could make a full mash-up of certain songs from this pop danthology 2012? I’d do about anything to have vocals “We are Young” vs “Wide Awake” vs instrumental “Want U Back” in full? And if this is possible could you mash up Vocals “Good Time” vs instrumental “Starships” vs “SBIUTK”?

    • Daniel Kim says:

      Hello. Sorry but for mashups I either go super big epic or not at all.

    • ND says:

      That is the best part of isn’t it? Though the more I listen to it (i must have what about 2,134 times now) there are other parts that grew on me too. And I’ve started to gain appreciation for a lot of these songs that I would otherwise not listen to!

  89. Owen Crawford says:

    Hi Daniel, I’ve always wondered how you remove parts of a song whilst keeping others. For example, to mix the backing track of a song with the vocals of another, you have to remove the vocals of the first and the backing track of the second. How do you do that?

    • Daniel Kim says:

      Hello Owen. I don’t actually do too much removing. I just look first for the separated audio parts online. If I can’t find them online, then I will attempt to remove audio parts using different audio cancellation techniques like phase cancellation.

  90. Danial Afiq says:

    WHen will the 2013 be?

    • Daniel Kim says:

      Probably the end of the year. Around December 🙂

      • Danial Afiq says:

        I’ll be waiting for that!
        I’m expecting a more advanced and flawless mix!
        I also subscribed to your youtube account.
        Keep up the good work man!
        Malaysia is loving your creation !

  91. ankur says:

    hi dan! love your work man. just wondering who is the female singer in the 2012 mashup at 00:35 – 00:38 seconds? gonna share your stuff for others to appreciate 🙂

  92. alexander says:

    Heey Dan, how do you remove the vocals?

    Btw, good job.

  93. Hey Daniel 🙂 just wanna know, does your videos are having copyright claims on Youtube? or you bought videos and songs online? ‘Cause I’m making Mash Ups too and having claims are giving me a hard time. :/

  94. Max says:

    What do you use to mash up the songs

  95. Danny says:

    Hi Daniel, you bloody legend.
    Have you considered doing a half year mashup so us mere mortals dont have to wait 12 long ass months to hear your next release? Youve got 11 days … GO! ; )

  96. Caroline says:

    Hey Daniel! Your mashups amaze me! What a great way to let your OCD kick in! 🙂
    Believe me, I understand OCD perfectly well- I’m a 13 year old that has it, along with my whole family! Thanks for your talent!

  97. Roko says:

    MAAAAN you are a GOD! Great work! 😀

  98. Lizzy says:

    HI!! I’m 13 years old and i love your work! im very interested in making mashups but can never figure out what key a song is in. Do you have any tips? Also did you have to change the tempo of any songs or did they all have the same tempo? Thank you so much! Im looking forward to this years mashup

  99. alyxz says:

    Cant wait for POPdanthology 2013 and beyond…

  100. Howard Lau says:

    I tried phase cancellation but it doesn’t work… How can you extract vocals from a song?

  101. Roneet Michael says:

    Hello Daniel! I really appreciate your work. I’m also experimenting mashup this year inspired by your work .. I’m confused if i have to take permission for this mashup because of their copyright owners. Or we can simply post video on youtube by mixing music

  102. yankeefan1030 says:

    hey, im 15 and have been making my onw mixes using flstudio11. I was wondering if you use this program and if you import songs as .wav files and then cut them into smaller sound pieces to creata a good mix.

  103. yankeefan1030 says:

    also if i want to create a good rise/build leading into a drop and im using a 3x oscillator do you also have the melody playing during this time at a lower volume?

  104. yankeefan1030 says:

    ok thanks

  105. Justine Ong says:

    Really good mash up! Good job! I can’t wait for 2013’s mash up! =) (y)

  106. Megan says:

    I can’t wait til the 2013 video! I also LOVE the fact that you too the time to add in the notes on the screen. Like what vocal track is playing paired with the instrumental track. I don’t have any constructive criticism for you sorry. I honestly don’t think there is anything you can do better.

    I do a little audio work so I totally get what you mean about going to bed hearing the songs in your head. However, it is now where near in the league as your work. Pure perfection Daniel.

  107. RS says:

    Great work! You’re so awesome! But don’t forget to thank God because He gave you an exceptional talent.

    God richly bless you for the rest of your life. :))

  108. Louis B says:

    Dan mate you’re seriously talented mate, hope you’re signed up to a record label by now or a company for DJ set if not let me know I’ll shout your cause – ever done film music you can do some sound for my film?

  109. Mikha Maun says:

    hello what is the background music in the song boyfriend?

  110. max says:

    what software r u using???

  111. Marce says:

    hey Dan I really love your work and your respond on this question:
    Why put in all that time and effort in something that you cannot earn any money from?
    Is the first time I see a person that is good in what he do say that. I really understand you! i Draw for my friends and don’t ask any money, and is because is something that I love to do.
    Keep making this wonderful videos. Good luck
    Sorry if my grammar is horrible. I don’t have many years learning english s:

    Love you

  112. Your mashups, AMAZING!! We listen to them over and over. Thank you for your hard work! I can tell a lot goes into them and you’re awesome for that!!!

  113. Waadee says:

    Hey Dan, Thank You so much for this amazing piece of art !!!

  114. arman says:

    Hi Dan, i don’t understand how you eliminate the instrument although the vocal is remain? many program have a ability to remove vocal from song but there aren’t any program for remove the instrument from the song.I work with Melodyne but in this program if we remove one note like C minor the vocal is also remove. thank you.

    • Daniel Kim says:

      I don’t isolate instrumentals and there’s no software or technique (at least none I am aware of) that has the capability to do it cleanly in a way that you are left with no vocals

  115. Tomer says:


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