Hunting For Halloween

Halloween is one of those times when my OCPD really acts up.

I want to join in on all the excitement of dressing up, but I want to do so in a cost efficient manner. Having had more of a practical spending style for most of my life when it comes to fashion, I always find nothing out of the ordinary in my closet to wear on this special occasion. I am, therefore, forced to look elsewhere. But I refuse to needlessly spend close to a hundred dollars at a costume store for an outfit that I will only get to wear once. Just the idea of that kind of inefficient use of money gives me anxiety. So I strategically plan and hunt and use my creativity. This year, I got to do all those things for both me and my girlfriend.

I thought it would be a good idea for my girlfriend to go as a leopard and for me to go as a safari guide with matching leopard print.

We saved hundreds of dollars going with this idea than another one because she already happened to own a very nice leopard print dress and a pair of leopard print high heels and I already had a safari hat from my travels through Africa. All she had left to buy were a pair of leopard ears and a tail.

Hunting for my outfit was pretty easy as well. I went to the thrift store and found a beige shirt for $9.60 and a pair of beige shorts for $6.00. I then went to a fabric store and bought more than enough leopard print fabric for only $2.50.

At the costume store, I bought some teeth necklace for $5.00 and a matching teeth bracelet for $3.00. I then got the perfect long socks at a huge discount of $2.50 (originally $10.00 for three pairs of socks) just because I pointed out the problem with the item (half the socks were missing – I only needed one pair anyway) and asked if I could get a discount. In total, I spent $28.60 for my entire outfit.

After getting all my materials, I then had to put everything together. I measured, cut, and sewed my leopard print fabric to my shirt and shorts with OCPD precision. Nothing could distract me because I was so focused. My attention to detail also caused me to take the extra effort to fold the ends of the fabric before sewing it on so that the edges would appear smoother.

[ my leopard print detailing on the back pocket of my shorts ]

I think I did ok for a person who does not sew much. I give credit to my OCPD 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Hunting For Halloween

  1. Joanie says:

    that sh!t cray!

  2. Mida says:

    i cant believe you can sew so well!

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