OCPD in Popular Media: “The Dark Knight Rises”

WARNING: Spoiler Alert!

Having gotten to watch “The Dark Knight Rises” last week in the perfect seats that I discussed earlier in my post titled “Theatre Seat Selection,” I was able to focus all my attention on the story. I loved it!

People with OCPD can expect to relate to the story of “The Dark Knight Rises” because it celebrates principles that are so dear to the heart of every OCPDer.

Even though his intentions have always been to do good for the undeserving city that was responsible for the death of his parents, Batman is subjected to the misdirected hate of the entire city of Gotham for the majority of the movie. Again and again, Batman is betrayed by those who come to him with false promises to help his honourable cause. But despite all the suffering and lack of appreciation he gets, Batman gives up his life to save Gotham City, not because he gets something out of it, but simply because it is the right thing to do.

Like Batman, you are a person of justice. Your heart breaks when you see injustice happen as a result of the absence or lack of moral order in this world. No matter what, you do not compromise your convictions. Even when everyone holds you down, even in the face of suffering or death, you keep on fighting for what is right. It is people like you who make history. It is people like you who change the world!

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