Theatre Seat Selection

OCPD causes me to be very picky about where I sit in the movie theatre.

That is why I pre-purchased my advance tickets and reserved my seats for the July 20th release of The Dark Knight Rises.

Here are my wonderful seats!

Sitting right in the center of the theatre, where everything is symmetric, is movie-going paradise for me! It is where I can escape my reality and zero-in all my attention on the film. If I were to sit anywhere else, the combination of my sensitivity and orderliness would pick up too many subtleties in my surroundings to distract me from being fully engaged with my movie. If I were to sit off to the side of the theatre, I would get distracted by the uneven distribution of sound as one ear would be picking up more sound than the other. I would also get distracted by my distorted perspective of the image being displayed on the screen.

I have done this for so long that it has become a personal movie-going rule that I follow. If I cannot get seats that are close to the center of the theatre, I rather wait another week to watch the movie.

But with great seats come great responsibilities. I make sure to use the restroom before the start of the movie and avoid drinking liquids during the movie.

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2 thoughts on “Theatre Seat Selection

  1. Spartan31 says:

    O wow, I could never sit trapped in the middle.. Always an aisle seat, unless it’s in an aeroplane, then always window seat.

  2. Msn says:

    I also have OCPD and very particular needs in the movie theater. There cannot be anyone sitting in front or behind for at least 10 seats across. I also do not like for anyone to be within 8-10 seats next to me on the row im sitting. I also sit on the outter seats to have easy access out of the theater. Symmetry comes in to play in alot of other aspects of my life, but not the theater. All of that being said, I completely agree that the vibe is overwhelming if not satisfied so much that it ruins my experience. I don’t like for people to sit around me, because of noise mostly. I live in a middle to small sized town so with proper planning in able accomplish this 80-90% of the time.

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