Don’t Be Such a Chicken

In my very first post on hypersensitivity, I explained that,

“Those children who are able to find adequate security in their parents move on and learn that the object that originally caused their insecurity poses no threat to their survival. However, the other children who are unable to find adequate security in their parents develop fear and learn that the object is a threatening one.”

What do you think happened to this child?

Though this video is titled “[SO FUNNY] Little boy getting chased by hungry chickens,” what is happening in this video is really not a laughing matter.

It is easy for the boy’s parents to laugh and find it cute because they know that their son will be fine. The parents will probably keep this video and laugh about it with their friends for a lifetime. But while his parents joyfully retell the story again and again at different family functions, the boy will probably feel pain for being reminded of a time that his parents were not there for him when he desperately needed them.

So much of the world is unfamiliar to an infant. He has no way of knowing whether these animals are as harmless as they really are or as deadly as the chicken-sized Compsognathus dinosaurs that kill Peter Stormare’s character in “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.”

Sadly, because of this unfortunate experience, the boy will probably never feel safe around birds because his fear will drive him to take preventative measures for the rest of his life.

The parents should have given the boy security. They should have picked him up so that he does not need to run anymore. While in their arms, they should have calmed him down. While showing how calm they are themselves in this situation, they should have told the boy, “It’s OK, child. You are going to be just fine.” The parents then should have slowly lowered themselves down and extended their hand out to the chickens to demonstrate to the child that there really is no reason to be scared. Then finally, the parents should have invited the child to do the same.

If your child has a sensitive nervous system, he or she needs security from you even more because they may be constantly feeling overwhelmed by the entire world. Like the example presented above, when your highly sensitive child expresses his or her need for security, you should calm him or her down, tell him or her that that he or she will be just fine, give some evidence that there is no reason to be scared, and then encourage him or her to place him or herself back into that unfamiliar situation.

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