Though I usually write new posts on a weekly basis, this one came late because I was too busy during the past few weeks. Yesterday, I was acting all day for an Air Canada commercial.

Me in front of the green screen film set with HD make-up on my face

Acting for the commercial, attending multiple meetings for different creative projects, scoring music for a film, searching for jobs and attending interviews, preparing and choreographing my upcoming concert performance, organizing my best friend’s bachelor party, finding a gift for my dad’s birthday – there was just too much going on all at once for me. I wanted to shut down and cancel everything (all-or-nothing thinking), including my father’s birthday (as if that was possible). What I actually did, which worked out just as well, was call off my evening engagement and stay home to watch a light-hearted animated film by myself in my pajamas.

Everyone, OCPD or not, feels best when they are neither too bored nor too aroused. However, the same situation can cause intense arousal for people with OCPD because of their sensitivity.

People with OCPD are more likely to experience higher levels of stress when too much is going on all at once.


Be very open and honest in your communication with others so that they understand that you are not repulsed by their existence but, instead, are just in need of some space to cool down your stress. If you catch yourself reacting negatively towards others because of your sensitive state, apologize and explain that you are just highly irritable at the moment from stress.

Give your OCPD friend some space to cool down if he or she is experiencing stress from overstimulation. If your OCPD friend wants be alone or spend time with other people without you, do not take it personally. The sooner your friend is given the opportunity to cool down, the sooner he or she will be able to return back to his or her normal, optimal state.

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3 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Maggz Bonnar says:

    Lovely pic. Good luck with the job hunting.

  2. Friend says:


  3. Thank you for your thoughts here. This happens to me all the time, and when I need a few minutes to cool down, my colleagues just don’t understand. They assume that I just can’t multitask, which makes me even more stressed out. Glad to see I am not alone.

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