Losing Track of Time

As discussed in my earlier post titled “Human Doing,” people with OCPD feel like they are always racing against the clock. Once in a while, however, they completely lose track of time.

People with OCPD tend to spend their time extremely generously when their preoccupation with the efficient use of time comes together with their hyper passion (tunnel vision).

Time is hardly an issue for people with OCPD when they are engaged in an activity that they are passionate about. For a moment, the world feels to them like it has stopped spinning and nothing else matters than the object of their fixation. While others hold back on spending too much time on one activity to be realistic and safe, people with OCPD can give up all of their time.

So many of the world’s greatest success stories come from this kind of all-in time investment. While a lot of people, including my very Korean parents, would consider dropping out of Harvard to be an unwise decision, both Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) and Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) did just that because they felt that college was hindering them from spending all of their time on their respective passions.

This tunnel vision time spending can become a problem when so much time is invested into one priority that no time is left for other important priorities. When people with OCPD are in the zone, they can sometimes even forget to eat, sleep, shower, and spend quality time with other human beings. Such an unbalanced lifestyle can be detrimental to one’s health and even lead to early death. But not even the risk of death is enough to discourage a passionate OCPDer.

For more information on tunnel vision and its strengths, read my post titled “Tunnel Vision.”

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One thought on “Losing Track of Time

  1. Definitely, when we have a plan, nothing else matters. We feel that if only we attained that goal, we would feel whole… It is a constant pursuit of matters that eventually disappoint us. A distant dream that is only an illusion.
    I guess it is connected with the inability to adapt to current life situation, which is far from perfect. My constant dreams of segregation… of an utopia… of Volden…
    But I guess most energy should be spent on learning to accept where one is, how to enjoy life as it is, to stop expecting the world to act perfectly. It seems like it never will… Life will never be fair. What pisses me off most is that I am supposed to have values and act according to them, while other people don’t.

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